How the ‘Judgement Night’ Soundtrack Ushered in a New Era of Music in 1993

Nowadays, mashups are commonplace in various genres of music. This wasn’t the case in 1993. While the movie Judgement Night was a certified flop, the soundtrack was not. It sold a half million copies within its first three months of release, and showed the world that hip hop and rock music could be seamlessly blended to create an entirely new sound. The album also spoke directly to skaters at a time when our culture was blending music in a similar way. There’s no arguing that Del the Funky Homosapian and Dinosaur Jr. were two of skating’s most beloved artists in ’93. Judgement Night put them together on one now-classic track. Find out how it all came to be in the latest episode of Pitchfork’s Liner Notes.

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