Justin Henry Tells the Backstory Behind His Quasi Intro

Justin Henry’s part in Quasi’s Mother was one of the most talked about from the video. The intro contains footage of Justin screaming at a guy on the street that’s unforgettable. It’s one of those classic skate video moments that define the genre. Justin tells the backstory behind the altercation in the latest episode of The Bunt.

We packed up. We’re like, “We’ll come back and paint it, sorry.” Everything is chill. We’re all chill… I see the dude coming around the corner with his phone out. I was like, “He’s going to take a photo of the license plate.” My homie Drake Johnson was there too. I was like, “Drake, get out and stand in front of the back license plate. I’m gonna stand in front of the front license plate.”

He comes up with the phone and says, “Get out of the way.” I say, “No, we’re packing up.” And he takes me, and throws me to the ground! He was pretty old too. So I didn’t expect it. I didn’t hit the ground. I did that thing where you put your hands down. But you put your hands on another man… Dude, I snapped! We were being so respectful, and for him to pull that on me… I lost my mind.

Listen to the entire interview above. The story about the altercation begins at 32:02. You can revisit Justin’s Mother part below.