Mikey Alfred Breaks Down His Vision for Illegal Civ’s Future

What Mikey Alfred has accomplished with Illegal Civ is nothing short of amazing. From making independent skate videos as a young teen, to creating a legitimate brand, to collaborating on major films, Alfred has shown the world what’s possible if you believe in what you are creating, and chase your dreams. In Transworld’s latest “Interests” segment, Alfred talks about where he sees the Illegal Civ brand going in the future. Apparently, it’s only getting started.

My future plans for Illegal Civ as a brand are to segment it more. We can have Illegal Civ Sports, Illegal Civ Skate Program, Illegal Civ Winners Club, which will be our high fashion brand. And I want them to be legit in every space. So our skate company is a real skate company that’s actually respected. Our high fashion brand should be a real high fashion brand that’s in Vogue, and really respected. When we eventually do sports, it will be a true sports brand that people who play football, water polo, and basketball respect. 

For more on Illegal Civ, watch the entire interview above.