Kevin White Reveals the Origin of Jumpman Blanco

Kevin White has one of the best Instagram handles in skateboarding. It’s so good that many refer to him as Jumpman Blanco instead of by his government. The I.C. pro reveals the origin of the name at the 10:03 mark of the latest episode of The Bunt.

One day, I’m with Nico [Hiraga] in San Francisco kicking it—he has a trampoline in his backyard—and we’re kind of just jumping on it with a board. He’s literally saying, “Jumpman Blanco…” My Instagram used to be Kevin Blanco TF. And the TF stands for Those Folks. My last name is White. So I just put the Blanco on it because it’s the same shit. But Nico gave me the name. It just came from us hanging out, jumping on a trampoline.

Listen to the entire interview above.