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Here’s Kaue Cossa’s Highly-Anticipated Habitat Part




Ryan Decenzo Now Pro for Quantum Bearings



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Ryan Decenzo is now officially part of the Quantum Bearings pro team.

Skaters with material science/chemistry backgrounds Brad Sasser and Jason Hammock founded quantum Bearings Science, a few years ago.

Their goal is to create affordable, high-performance, and low-maintenance bearings for skaters of all skill levels.

TJ Rogers is also part of the Quantum Bearings team. Watch his welcome video below.

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Louie Lopez Joins Noah Clothing



After announcing recently that he parted ways with his long-time clothing sponsor, Volcom, Louie Lopez officially joins Noah Clothing.

Watch Noah Clothing’s welcome video for Louie above.

“I’m happy to be riding for people that truly care about what they do — not just making quality clothes, but the factories, the materials that are used, and how they affect the environment. I think that’s just the best thing ever. And Noah has great classic stuff to wear, but if you want to get spicy, they’ve got that too”

-Louie Lopez
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Vans Presents: ‘Were From Here’ Featuring Zion Wright



Get to know more about Zion Wright as he and those closest to him take us down memory lane in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida in “We’re from Here” by Vans.

Filmed by TJ Gaskill and Greg Hunt, the short film portrait brings into focus Zion’s impact on skateboarding and the future progression of the sport.

Zion became part of Vans two years ago after leaving Nike SB.

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