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Kelly Bird Explains the Difference Between Nike SB and Other Skate Shoe Brands

Kelly Bird has enjoyed a 25-year tenure in skateboarding on both sides of the desk. After a career as a pro in the ‘90s, he graduated into the role of industry guy with brands including DC Shoes and Lakai. Bird is currently working as the Brand Manager at Nike SB. As someone that’s worked at multiple shoe companies and been outspoken in the past about corporate involvement in skateboarding, Kelly has a unique perspective on the difference between a brand like Nike and those birthed by skateboarding. He breaks it down succinctly in his new interview with The Chrome Ball Incident.

Look, when Nike got into skateboarding this third time, they clearly figured out the right way to go about it. Obviously, their product is incredible, but also the level of service that they were bringing to their riders, compared to any other skate brand, was undeniable. For those who want to knock Nike, skateboarding had 30 years to figure out how to treat these dudes like professionals. But we didn’t do it. So you can’t be mad at a brand that comes in with an elevated sense of how professional skateboarders should be treated.

For more on Bird, head over to Chrome Ball to read the full interview.

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‘Good Work’ Episode 2 Now Playing on Redbull Skateboarding Channel

Alphonzo talks about how his past time of photoshopping images of celebrities skateboarding and sharing them on social media turned into a full-fledged business in this episode of “Good Work”.

Good Work episode 2 features Alphonzo Rawls and his #EVERYBODYSKATES and Savalé Footwear brands.

Alphonzo talks about how his past time of photoshopping images of celebrities skateboarding and sharing them on social media turned into a full-fledged business.

#EVERYBODYSKATES brand sells shirts, hoodies, hats, boards, and accessories.

He also had been involved in designing shoes for international footwear brands.

After 25 years of working with other companies, he decided to launch his own luxury footwear brand, Savalé.


Alf was also a pro-skater back in the day.

He started skating when he was 10 and turned pro when he was just 16 years old.

He thinks that skateboarding has somehow helped him be successful in business.

“Skateboarding, it’s for the most part, a really inconsistent sport, which means you definitely have to have some patience and some perseverance…It’s allowed me to think outside the box and apply that ‘out of the box’ thinking to run my business”

Redbull’s Good Work Series features skater-owned and skater-operated businesses.

You can watch the first episode here or on the Red Bull Skateboarding YouTube Channel.

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‘My War: Gabriel Summers’ Now Playing at Thrasher Magazine

Watch “Gabbers” Gabriel Summers as he narrates how the story behind the “Damn It All” part where he got a broken collarbone while trying to conquer a massive kink handrail.

I will think about that forever because that’s something that’s like, took me so hard, and it’s so hard to accomplish and that I actually did it.

The gnarly goofy-footed Australian Skater has been a member of the Zero team since 2019.

Watch the “Damn It All” Zero part below.

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Skate Tales Season 2 is Coming

Skate Tales Season 2 is coming on Red Bull TV starting April 20.

Madars Apse’s documentary series takes us through skateboarding underground to share life experiences and ask more skateboarding mavericks to find out what skateboarding means to them.

You can also watch the series on Red Bull Skateboarding YouTube Channel on these dates:

  • Ep 1 – April 20th
  • Ep 2 – May 5th
  • Ep 3 – May 19th
  • Ep 4 – June 2nd
  • Ep 5 – June 16th
  • Ep 6 – June 30th

You can watch all the season 1 episodes here.

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