Kevin “Spanky” Long Announces Tokyo Solo Show on October 5

Last month, Spanky had a solo opening at Max Fish where all of his pieces sold. He reveals that he’s following that up this Friday with a show in Tokyo at the1:50:04 mark of the latest episode of The Nine Club.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of time-consuming art projects. I do a lot of Baker graphic series now. Almost every season, I’ve got my hands in that. That’s pretty time consuming. And the other companies, like Emerica, a lot of the packaging and stuff will be drawings. So [with] that stuff, there’s an endless list of assignments, which I love.  And recently with the days that I’m not skating, I’ve been preparing for these art shows. I have one coming up on the 5th of October in Tokyo. It’s a solo show…I just did a show in New York; and all of the drawings sold.

Between his fine art and the design work that he’s been doing for Baker and Emerica, Spanky appears to be the next pro skater to cross over into the art world. It will be interesting to see where he goes with it in the future. Watch the entire interview above.

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