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Kieran Woolley Bags his First X Games Gold



Australian Kieran Woolley won in the Men’s Skateboard Park Competition in the last day of the Summer X Games 2022. The Monster Energy skater put down the highest-scoring run of the final in his third run securing his victory.

Kieran Woolley wins his first X Games gold medal. Photo by Bryce Kanights, courtesy of Monster Energy.

This is Woolley’s first gold in the X Games. He recently placed second in the X Games Chiba this year and won in the bowl contest in Copenhagen Open this summer.

Fifteen-year old Gavin Bottger finished second in this event, claiming his second silver in the X Games. This is only his third appearance in X Games, excluding his participation in the SKB Park Amateurs. He got his first silver as a rookie in X Games 2021 when he was 14 years old.

Luiz Francisco from Brazil placed third in the competition. In 2021, he represented his country in the Tokyo Olympics and finished at fourth place.

Kieran Woolley doing a backside ollie. Photo by Bryce Kanights, courtesy of Monster Energy.

Women’s Skateboard Street Results

Momiji Nishiya got her first X Games gold for the Women’s Skateboard Street event. She has previously won silver in the X Games Minneapolis Women’s Street event in 2019.

Nishiya is also a gold medalist in the Tokyo Olympics Women’s Street event. She is the youngest ever to win a gold medal for Japan and one of the youngest medalists in Olympics history.

Coming in at second place is 11-year-old Australian skater Chloe Covell. She was the youngest competitor in this Summer X Games. She also placed third in the X Games Chiba.

Yumeka Oda got the the bronze medal for the event. She recently placed second in the Street League Skateboarding Women’s Jacksonville leg.

Real Street Best Trick Results

Apart from the Mega Park discipline, this year’s Summer X Games introduced a new format for their video competition. This year’s Real Street Best Trick contest was an all-out, 30-minute jam session.

Ten athletes were invited to participate in the event. Each was given several attempts to land a technical hand rail trick in the iconic “Brooklyn” ten-stair rail in San Diego, California.

In the end, Yuto Horigome got the judges nod in the Real Street Best Trick contest with his nollie back 270 to noseslide. He also placed third in the X Games Men’s Street Category in the Day 4 of the Summer X Games 2022.

Jamie Foy landed in the second place while Monster Team rider Matt Berger placed third in the competition.

Watch the Real Street Best Trick competition below.

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Wyatt Hammond Drops ‘CRAZY 8’ Sandlot Times Video Part



In celebration of his 9th birthday, Wyatt Hammond dropped the “Crazy 8” Sandlot Times video part.

The part features the music of Steve Caballero and is filled will slams “man-sized” spots and cameos featuring Ryan Sheckler, Fabrizio Santos, Alec Jamir and many more!

Watch the video part below.

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Eric Koston is Now the Team Captain of USA Skateboarding



Eric Koston, one of the sport’s most prolific and celebrated skateboarders and one of The Berrics‘ founders, is the new team Captain tasked to lead Team USA to victory in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

USA Skateboarding, the National Governing Body for Skateboarding in the United States announced their decision to make Koston the new team captain last week.

Koston was hand-selected by industry maverick and newly appointed USA Skateboarding CEO Johnny Schillereff.

USA Skateboarding, our athletes, and our country deserve a leader of tremendous skill, integrity, and accomplishment...Eric is a great role model and mentor for our team with both real-world experience in winning and a passion for helping our skaters excel. There is no one better suited to lead our team to victory both on and off their skateboards. I’m grateful to have Eric by my side for this incredible journey.”

Johnny Schillereff
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Gustavo Ribeiro, Rayssa Leal Earn Their First 2022 SLS Super Crown Titles



Gustavo Ribeiro and Rayssa Leal won the 2022 SLS Super Crown Championships held in November 6 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This is Leal’s first-ever Super Crown Title and she swept all the previous qualifying stops in this series.

With an overall score of 21.1, she beat Japanese skateboarders Funa Nakayama and Momiji Nishiya who placed second and third respectively.

Nakayama was not able to land in the top four of the previous stops but she was able to make it to the finals through the Last Chance Qualifiers where she took the top spot.

This is also Ribeiro’s first Super Crown Title. He previously won the Las Vegas leg and placed third in the first two stops.

Ribeiro had an overall score of 26.9–a close fight with Vincent Milou (26.6) who came in at second place and Chris Joslin (26.2) who placed third in the finals.

Watch the broadcast of the 2022 Super Crown Championships below.

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