Lacoste Signs Torey Pudwill as Brand Ambassador

Outside of its collaboration with Supreme, Lacoste has pretty much stayed away from skateboarding. That changed today when the French sportswear label introduced Torey Pudwill as a brand ambassador via an interview posted on its website. As always, Torey is psyched.

I love the feeling I get every time I see the Croc. The Lacoste Crocodile had a big impact influencing my personality, lifestyle and brands I’ve created within skateboarding. I’ve been a huge fan and supporter of Lacoste for 20 years since I was 10 years old. My personal collection is full of pieces from Izod Lacoste throwbacks to collaborations, art series , limited editions and even its competition. I’m Intrigued with the brands history being a staple in fashion for close to a century and the authentic marketing aesthetic that stays true to its original roots of sports. Lacoste for life!

It also looks like T-Puds has traded in his Dunks for a pair of Half Cabs, which look particularly saucy paired with the preppy gear. Head over to the Lacoste site to read the full interview, and peep the rest of the photos.