UPDATE: LLSB’s Latest Southbank Restoration Is Now Complete

If you’re visiting this site, we likely don’t have to explain the cultural significance of London’s Southbank in skateboarding. The big news is that LLSB’s fundraising efforts have surpassed £850,000; and it is now set to proceed with the next phase of the restoration of the iconic spot. This includes liberating a large section of Southbank that has been closed since 2005, and reintroducing the little banks. Have a look at the above video for a preview of what’s to come. Then, head over to Slam City to read an interview with LLSB’s Stuart Maclure and Louis Woodheadin that breaks it all down in detail.

We’ve been fundraising since June 2017 and since then we’ve raised over £850,000. Some funders have conditions involved, and there is an underwriting covering a portion of the project, which makes it all quite complex. Effectively we’re still fundraising for the final portions, but we’re in a position to start moving ahead, appointing contractors and starting to schedule in the actual build.

So all of the money that we’re raising is for the restoration of the little banks, and a large proportion of the sections of Southbank that were closed in 2005. Cost estimates have gone up and down a few times over the last year. We now have final quotes back after tender, which come in at £700,000.

Donate to LLSB’s ongoing fundraising efforts here.

UPDATE 07.22.18: The latest restoration at Southbank is complete; and the first session went down last Saturday. Have a look at the below recap from Free.

UPDATE 03.01.19: Palace has donated an additional £51,000 to LLSB from the sale of its Spring 2019 SB deck. Have a look at the announcement below. 


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