Fashion Alert: Louis Vuitton Drops $2,660 Complete

Just when you thought fashion’s skateboarding crossover couldn’t go any further, Louis Vuitton ups the ante with a $2,660 complete. Featuring monogrammed trucks, wheels, and hardware, this offering goes above and beyond the decks that we’ve become accustomed to seeing.

This Skateboard encapsulates Louis Vuitton’s unconventional spirit while exhibiting masterful craftsmanship. The vibrant watercolor pattern decorating the board is a theme echoed across the Summer 2021 Collections. A true collectors’ item, it is finished with Monogram-engraved wheels and Monogram screws demonstrating the House’s minute attention to detail.

Someone needs to pick one of these up, and see how it skates. We’re looking at you, Jenkem.

Images Via Louis Vuitton