Manolo’s ‘Blue Dream’ Is a Modern Skate Video With ‘90s Sensibility

Manolo is a French editor that’s made a name for himself remixing classic skate parts over the past 10 years. He started making frequent trips to California, and picked up a camera somewhere along the way. Manolo films with a ‘90s sensibility, meaning full vignetting, a perfectly centered fisheye shot, and standard definition video. It looks spectacular. His latest 15-minute effort titled Blue Dream released via Transworld today. It features full parts from Brett Sube, Shmatty Chaffin, and Danny Hamauchi. And there’s cameos from the Lucas Puig, Jack Curtin, Sebo Walker, and many more. Some of the tricks in this edit will have you picking your jaw up off the floor. If you need some extra inspiration for your weekend session, this will do the trick.