Marc Johnson Releases a No-Holds-Barred Interview Via ‘What Youth’

Marc Johnson sat down with What Youth for the interview that he was inevitably going to give at some point. Clearly, he had some things to get off his chest. He pulls no punches when talking about his Jenkem interview, social media, video parts, the internet, Lakai, and much more. We’ve pulled one of the juicer excerpts from the Q&A below.

You know that Jenkem interview, I’m still getting raked across the coals for one line. And that fucking dude Ian (Michna) kept trying to get me to say ‘Nike.’ I told him, Dude I’m not going to say Nike for your questions. I’ll say “big footwear brand” or whatever, but I’m not saying Nike. He kept trying to get me to say it. He had an ulterior motive for wanting me – of all people – to say ‘Nike” and I fucking refused. I know tons of people that have great lives because they skate for Nike now. I’m not going to take a shit on friends of mine who have a good life now because they ride for them because you want someone to take a shit on Nike for you. Nobody gives a fuck about what you say, so you want to get someone like me to say it for you and I’m not going to fucking do that dude.

I’ll say “big footwear brand” and so people that read that don’t know that I was talking about Nike because I wouldn’t say their name. But now they’re raking me across the coals because they think that I meant Adidas, or New Balance, or Converse, or whatever. They don’t know the story behind that fucking interview.

The stuff that I said in that fucking interview was in the beginning of 2013 and that’s before I know all of the dirty shit Lakai was doing. So I gave an honest interview based on the information that was available to me at that time. And now I’m not going to give an interview, now that I know all of the fucking dirty shit that they fucking did to other people and me in the following years. Yeah, fuck those people seriously. Fuck those people and I’m glad that their piece of shit shoe company took a nose dive. Because they are piece of shit people. Yeah.

You should definitely take the time to dig into the whole thing when you’ve got a moment.

Image Via Adidas