UPDATE: Watch M.J.’s Business & Co. Film in Its Entirety

Marc Johnson just released a new commercial for his Business & Company brand via Instagram that’s equal parts strange and awesome. It appears to be the first of a series; but it’s a bit unclear where M.J. is headed with this. In a landscape filled straightforward promos, “Murder Recruit” is definitely a curveball. Make what you will of the edit. We’ll update as this continues to unfold.

UPDATE 02.22.20: Joey Sinko released the full version of M.J.’s short film via YouTube yesterday; and it’s a lot easier to digest in its entirety. As suspected, this is Dashawn Jordan’s official introduction. While the rollout was a bit clunky, the vibe is definitely right. And Marc Johnson and Dashawn Jordan make an interesting and skillful duo for the beginnings of Business & Company’s pro roster. Check Dashawn’s full intro above.