Mark Suciu Crowned 2021 SOTY

Clearly, hard work pays off because hot on the heels of a November to remember, Mark Suciu claims his crown as Thrasher’s Skater of the Year.

Not that he wasn’t up against some outstanding competitors (Yuto and Chima had a real shot) but the ultra-prolific, ultra-determined Suciu has more than earned his title. Good thing, too, because based on fan reactions, there’d have been a riot if he didn’t get it.

Last year’s run didn’t pan out, but in an interview with The Nine Club this summer, Suciu said he’d go hard in November. Here we have a man of his word who’s earned top spot.

And of course, Gary’s announcement has 100% style.


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Let’s recap what earned Suciu his SOTY. 

Almost a decade ago, a pre-pro Suciu crashed onto the scene with “Cross Continental” – a part that fans have been watching on loop ever since.

Jump ahead to 2019’s “Verso” for 12 minutes of unforgettably sophisticated footage.

And November 2021 sealed the deal. His four rapid-fire parts demanded fans’ attention and boy, did he get it.

By the way, huge shoutout to the camera people and video editors. Haven’t seen a Suciu part that wasn’t outstanding.


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