It Sound like Mark Suciu Is Taking Another Run at SOTY

Don’t fret if you feel that Suciu was robbed of SOTY last year. From the sounds of his “Unofficial” Pals Questions interview, he’s already dusted himself off, and is preparing for what will undoubtedly be another run at skateboarding’s top honor. Apparently, he has a total of four video parts in the works right now.

I’m working on a couple of different ones. We got a lot of clips in New York during the original quarantine—a lot of spots that we haven’t been able to skate. So I’m really excited for that part. But I’ve been working on a part with Justin Albert for longer than the last two years. Some of the footage is stuff that didn’t quite make it into Verso. There’s still leftovers. But the reason they’re leftovers is really particular reasons that don’t fall beneath the difficulty standards. It’s like: maybe we had too many heelflips. Not that I would; I think it was switch heels. There’s a line in St. Louis that I do that we couldn’t use because of that. That one, I’m psyched [for]. It’s going to have more S.F. stuff. And I’ll eventually finish up the Spitfire part that I started this summer that I wasn’t able to finish because I bruised or maybe broke my ribs…I would have had a part come out instead of those three clips with one long line. But it didn’t work out. So that will come out next year, probably. And another part with Mulhern. I have a bunch of footage.

If timed right, 2021 could be Suciu’s year. Listen to the interview above. The bit about video parts starts circa the 22:00 mark.

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