Mark Suciu Gives Alien Workshop 2.0 a Glowing Endorsement in New Interview

Mark Suciu is the thinking man’s skater. His well-documented studies in literature make him one of the more articulate people to skate professionally in our current era. His opinions are typically insightful, and display wisdom beyond his years. For those reasons, when Suciu speaks, we pay attention.

Suciu’s latest interview comes from the U.K.’s North Skate Mag, and is in line with what we’ve read from him previously. But he does provide an endorsement of the second coming of Alien Workshop that somewhat contrasts the popular opinion that it shouldn’t have been resuscitated after its 2014 collapse.

Two of my best friends ride for Alien Workshop, Brandon Nguyen and Joey Guevara, and Miguel Valle who is also one of my best friends films for them. I think he might be getting a guest board soon because he’s such a talented skater. In the beginning of me skateboarding, Alien Workshop grew to be my favourite company. I was all, “I’m not going to ride for Powell any more, I’m going to do everything I can to ride for Alien Workshop!” And to be honest I was really bummed when Brennon Conroy hit me up and asked if I wanted to ride for Habitat instead. Definitely a better career choice for me, but I always wanted to ride for Alien. I was so depressed when they went out of business and Mind Field is the best video I’ve ever seen. When they came back, that was a weird thing to do. It played with my emotions a lot. But it makes sense because Mike Hill is doing it, still, and he’s been there from the beginning, so it’s still got this authenticity to it, but with a new crew of guys I think it confused everyone, and I was definitely party to that confusion. But then that passed, and my best friends ride for it, and I back it one hundred percent. Frankie Spears rides for them too, and we were out skating yesterday, and I was critiquing his graphic.

For more, head over to North to read the entire piece.

Image Via North Skate Mag