UPDATE: Mark Suciu’s ‘Verso’ Part Lives Up to the Hype

Mark Suciu has been on a tear this year. But we’re getting the feeling that we haven’t seen anything yet. Atlas is holding a premiere for Suciu’s new Verso part on Saturday. This full-length section filmed and edited by Justin Albert over the course of two years in San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Madrid, and Milan is Suciu’s first independent solo project in eight years. It’s clearly going to be magical. But beyond that, we’re assuming that this instantly puts him in the running for this year’s SOTY. We’ll keep you posted on when this will be available for online viewing.

UPDATE 10.03.19: Mark Suciu’s new part lives up to all of the hype. Get the bronze trophy ready; he clearly deserves it this year. The SOTY sentiment is punctuated by Suciu’s new interview with Thrasher, which  gives some background information on the making of his latest effort, and includes many of the photos captured during the process.

Sometimes things just take time. Speaking of which, you’ve spent a lot of time on this video part you’ve been working on.

I’ve been working on this video part since before you were alive.

You’re a year older than me.

I’m kidding—about the time since I graduated from college, two years ago. I just wanted to come out with something that shows that I’m totally back into skateboarding, full-time. I thought it was going to come out in the summer of last year but it’s finally going to come out. I wanted to put together a part that, to me, is perfect. Something with no filler, that only had the tricks that I liked, done the way I like. People might like the footage that I view as subpar, so that would go to something else, however, for this one thing I want it to be perfect.

Image Via Thrasher