Mika Germond Explores Lyon’s Lesser-Skated Spots in ‘NO HOTEL’

Lyon has one of France’s more vibrant skate scenes, and is the hometown of famous skaters including: JB Gillet and Jereme Daclin. Mika Germond is also from Lyon, and set out to document some of the city’s lesser-skated spots in this new part, which released yesterday via Transworld.

Mika Gazon just wanted to skate all the spots he kept seeing in Lyon and the surrounding suburbs. He kept finding new ones constantly that were also more or less filthy. So he asked Hugo, who was super motivated to film—to join him on his missions and the two set out after work and on weekends to capture this part along with their spots. At any rate, by some miracle they managed to avoid the most famous Lyon spot of all—the Hôtel de Ville—and for that alone they can both hold their heads high. – Jereme Daclin

Watch “NO HOTEL” above.