UPDATE: Miles Griptape Unveils All-Star Team Ahead of Launch

Not sure how necessary a new griptape company is. But with a team this stacked, Miles definitely has our attention. The brand was unveiled via Instagram last night with the above image announcing that it will be hitting shops soon. This list of names reads like an N.B.A. all-star team roster: Rowan Zorilla, Eric Koston, Grant Taylor, Mike Anderson, Tom Knox, Louie Lopez, Guy Mariano, Cory Kennedy, Aidan Mackey, Shane O’Neill, and Ishod Wair. We’re anticipating a video already.

UPDATE 04.20.21: Things are taking shape over at Miles. It dropped its debut edit via Instagram yesterday, and it appears that Scuba is the brains behind the brawn of this budding powerhouse. Can’t wait to see where this goes from here. Check the edit below; the website launches on Thursday.

Image Via Miles