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Miles Silvas Releases SOTY-Worthy Video Part Via Thrasher

Miles Silvas just unleashed five minutes of some of the most progressive skating that 2019 has seen thus far. Sounds like hyperbole, we know; but his trick at Embarcadero might be the most epic of all time. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the insanity on display in Silvas’s latest effort for PLA and Thrasher. With this year’s SOTY race just a couple of months away, you’ve gotta throw Miles Silvas’s name on the list of contenders after watching this.


Santa Cruz Skateboards Releases Teaser for their New Video

Watch the teaser of “Misprints”, the latest video by Santa Cruz Skateboards set to premiere on YouTube on June 28, 2022.

Directed by Joe Perrin, “Misprints” features Tom Asta, Maurio McCoy, Kevin Braun, and Devin Flynn.  The crew traveled between Philadelphia, New York, Nashville, and more over the last year to film for the video.

The 4th episode of Saints and Sinners also recently premiered. You can watch it here.

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Watch How Old Decks Transformed into Custom Benches in this Video

Watch Welcome Skate Shop staff and their friends turn old decks into custom benches in this video released by Vans as part of their efforts to promote artists and creativity. Welcome Skate Shop is based in Leeds, UK.

What’s great about this bench is that you can remove the top (the one made with old decks) and now you have a skateable bench. It has storage too so you have a place for your new skateboards or whatever needs storing.

A skateboarder may need to replace their decks in a few months to a year, depending on how hard they grind and how often they ride. Probably millions of skateboards are discarded each year and most of them end up in landfills.

This is just one of the ways worn-out decks can be repurposed. There are also initiatives to recycle and repurpose old wheels to keep them out of landfills.



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Damn Am LA Results are In

Here is the list of the top 12 skaters of the Damn Am Los Angeles. They automatically qualify for the Tampa Am Saturday Qualifiers on November 12.

  1. Daiki Ikeda
  2. Ginwoo Onodera
  3. Lazer Crawford
  4. Kento Urano
  5. Raimu Sasaki
  6. Sena Watanabe
  7. Lucas Alves
  8. Roman Hager
  9. Joetaro Saito
  10. Jonas Carlsson
  11. Greg Rodriguez
  12. Jake Yanko

The Damn Am is a global amateur skateboarding contest series. Over 10,000 skaters, some of them now top pros, have participated in the event since its inception in 2001.

The next three stops after Los Angeles will be in Barcelona (TBD), Japan (TBD), and New York City (September 9-10).

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