Get to Know Naquan Rollings Via His Debut Interview

Everyone is familiar with Naquan Rollings‘s work. But most don’t know much about him beyond the fact that he’s from New York, and his edits are blowing up. Monster Children recently sat down with this rising filmmaker to provide a basic introduction, and learn about his process. It’s the first bit of Q&A that we’ve seen with him, but certainly not the last.

What’re you working on now? What’s your process like for filming and editing?

Fuck, I don’t even know. I don’t like to plan it out too much. I got back to NY from LA two months ago so I have footage saved up. That’s how I like to do shit. I don’t like to film and edit and film and edit because after the first editing session I feel fried. I don’t like editing and getting stressed feeling like I need more shit, or like I’m filming for something specific that has to look like this. I like to just film whatever, and then sit down to edit it all at once. Especially with VX footage, you just have all these tapes and you dump them in all at once. When I first started filming, I was borrowing my friend’s capture cam, so I’d have four or five tapes on GO importing. I’d go home with all the footage and started editing and be like, ‘oh shit, I have a whole video right here

We highly recommend reading the entire piece.

Image Via Tyler Andrew / Monster Children