UPDATE: Watch the Video Recap From Neckface’s Halloween Show

Neckface‘s art is some of the most sought after to emerge from skate culture. And he typically puts a hilarious spin on everything he does. This is the case with his No Turning Back show, which opened last weekend at 601 South Anderson Street in Downtown Los Angeles. The event was clearly not to be missed.

UPDATE 10.31.18: Ty Evans just released this video that gives a good visual of what Neckface’s show looked like. If you’re not in the Halloween spirit just yet, this should definitely do the trick.


UPDATE 10.29.18: Neckface will be posting all of the pieces from the show on his Instagram for a wider viewing. The first is the below fully customized van. It’s an ambitious piece that personifies Neck’s signature style. Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE 9.22.18: Neckface’s Halloween show is a little over a month away, and he just posted another hilarious promo clip for it. Have a look below.

Image Via Board Rap