Here’s How Nick Ferro Got the Nickname Buggy Talls

You’re undoubtedly familiar with Nick Ferro’s skating by now, and likely know him by his nickname Bully Talls or just Buggy for short. If you’re curious on how he got his pseudonym, VHS Mag has a new interview that breaks it down along with the rest of Ferro’s history.

V: Where does the name Buggy Talls come from?

B: I’ve been Buggy since I was 15. When I was little, I had big eyes, and this one dude name Pat Dell that I used to skate was like, “Yo, you got mad big eyes. You look like a bug. You’re buggy.” It just stuck, and I ran with it. I looked up to that dude because his skating was really sick, and I still fucking got mad respect for that dude. Shout out Pat Dell. Legend.

For more on Buggy, click here to read the entire piece.

Image Via Grand Collection