Nike SB Recaps 2018 With 11-Minute Highlight Reel

Nike SB released a slew of great projects in 2018. All of which were punctuated with edits that contained amazing skateboarding. Daan Van Der Linden’s intoduction, Nyjah Huston’s “’Til Death,” and Ishod Wair’s “Back on My BS” all stood out in the video part department. Noteworthy collaborations with Antihero, Hockey, Cat’s Paw Saloon, Stüssy, the NBA, and Diamond Supply Co. yielded noteworthy footage. Signature product from Lacey Baker and Grant Taylor were accompanied by clips. And let’s not forget the Blazer | Southwest and I-58 | Sunbelt tours, which allowed additional members of the team to shine. SB took all of these moments and packaged them into one 11-minute remix. We can’t think of a better Christmas gift.