UPDATE: Watch B.A. & Paulgar’s Alanna Gabin Memorial

Paulgar and B.A. reunite for an eight-minute edit dedicated to the life of Alanna Gabin. Gabin was Paul’s wife and a beloved member of the New York scene, who tragically passed away in January 2020. Soon after, he and Brian began filming for this project. With cameos from Fred Gall, Stefan Janoski, and Alex Olson, this is a treat, and fitting tribute to a life lost too soon. Watch Lannibug above.

UPDATE 06.25.21: Monster Children dropped an interview with Paul and Brian that gives an insider’s perspective on how this project came to together.

What was your vision for the part?

BA: I just wanted to get an Anti Hero ad first, honestly. I was like, I want an ad, bad. We didn’t think about a video part. We were just skating.

PR: My primary focus was working on Fred’s part. Freddy’s got every spot in New Jersey dialled, or ideas for spots. So, he would come up with a plan for the day and I would text Brian, ‘Brian, you’re coming out.’ We slowly started getting things, like we got that Anti Hero ad and then Brian left Indy to go to Ace, and they asked if I could shoot an ad. So by the time we got a photo for the ad, we already had maybe 10 tricks or something, so we started thinking about doing a little part. Basically, we went into it with no plan and we came out with a double-song part.

I was going to say, 2021, Brian Anderson eight-minute video part, it’s not something I expected. How does this differ from your previous parts?

PR: We’ve been referring to them as albums.

BA: Yeah, it’s like a different kind of record, you know what I mean? I remember one day we were skating in Jersey, Fred looked at me and was like, ‘You know, we make the best of what we’ve got, right?’ That was what we were doing.

PR: And as we all know, Fred’s spots are basically not spots. And Fred’s much shorter than Brian, so watching Brian skating some of these Fred spots could be quite comical.

Read the entire piece here.

Image Via Paulgar / Monster Children