Paulgar Created a New York Travel Guide for Monster Children

Paul M. Roura, better known as Paulgar, is a skateboarder, photographer, videographer, and fixture in New York’s Downtown scene. Given the previously mentioned info, he’s clearly the perfect person to compile a travel guide for people that want to have an authentic experience in NYC. Fortunately, Monster Children commissioned Paul to do just that. Have a look at a few choice selections below, and click here to view the full list before planning your summer trip to the city.

Max Fish – 120 Orchard Street

A haven for artists, musicians, skateboarders, weirdos, and everyone in-between, Max Fish should be on everybody’s Top 10 New York City list. The new location is on Orchard Street and is decked out with two floors of affordable beverages, fantastic music, monthly art installations, great vibes, artistic vision, and lights bright enough to let you see what you’re going home with. There are frequently free live music showcases with some of the best musicians in the world, and thoughtfully curated events.

Tompkins Square Park – Avenue A and East 10th

This is the best skatepark in the city. If you skate, you probably know that it’s a somewhat smooth cement baseball diamond in the East Village. It’s the meetup or too-lazy-to-actually-skate skate spot. It’s the chill zone. It’s the shit talking capital of spots, and yet it still maintains a good vibe. Your favourite pros all end up hanging here while on tour, and you’ll often see local guys smoking a cigarette or catching a buzz from some beer disguised in a coffee cup. I’ve watched an entire generation grow up here and learn how to skate better than me. Now I feel old.

The Streets – NYC

Literally, NYC streets. I’ve walked, slept, ate, laughed, cried, and fucked on these things. The entire city is a playground, and there is nothing like walking the sketchy back roads, where you’ll always see something interesting or find something new. There’s a little something for everyone in New York City, and winding your way through these weathered streets is the best way to find it. Choose your own adventure and enjoy!

Images Via Paulgar