Peter Sidlauskas Talks Bronze 56K in New VHS Mag Interview

If you’re craving a little more Bronze 56K after watching its new video, VHS Mag just published an interview with Peter Sidlauskas. The Bronze founder talks about the brand’s origin, what it’s all about, collaborations, and the future in this funny and insightful piece.

Bronze 56K is all about rolling up switch to the Carlsbad gap after just barely falling off pushing on your skateboard and popping the most brolic switch hardflip. Bronze 56K is all about that last set of hardware on the rack that was never given a chance. Bronze 56K is all about that kid in high school who wasn’t necessarily picked last to be on a basketball team, but was picked third to last. Bronze 56K is all about that fresh smell of paint in the morning.

Head over to VHS Mag to read the full interview.

Image Via Jenkem