UPDATE: Theories of Atlantis Unveils Picture Show

Picture Show has been on Instagram since last December. But given its low profile, it didn’t pop up on our radar until today when a Slap poster leaked the above catalog shot. After viewing its followers and following, and doing some internet sleuthing, we’re able to determine that it’s a Theories brand that may be introducing a couple of our favorite pros soon. Time will tell. Check the below commercial from last month if you missed it on the Gram.

UPDATE 06.22.20: Picture show dropped a two-minute promo via Theories’s YouTube channel last night that adds another layer to the brand’s identity. We’ve embedded the edit above.

UPDATE 06.19.20: Yesterday, Theories announced the launch of Picture Show. The first product drop just arrived at shops. And, as of this posting, Taylor Nawrocki, John Baragwanath, Tyler Dietterich, and Kevin Liedtke appear to be attached to the project. Stay tuned for updates.

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Image Via VHS MAG