Is Polar’s ‘We Blew It At Some Point’ Skate Video of the Year?

2018 has been a good year for the full-length. Quasi’s Mother, Converse’s Purple, and Primitive’s Never all come to mind when thinking about films that defined this year in skating. But the new Polar video may just take video of the year honors. It’s been receiving accolades all over the internet. And the hype equals demand equation resulted in bootlegs popping up in not so safe for work places. This morning, Pontus Alv officially released his latest film via Polar’s YouTube channel.

Our take is that Polar was once again able to capture the electrifying energy that is inherent in skating in this 30-minute effort. The action is fast and furious, and you feel like you’re along for the ride with the team. It certainly makes you want to skate—which has always been the bottom-line measure of success when it comes to videos.

While taste is subjective, We Blew It At Some Point  is definitely up there in terms of the best of what we’ve seen this year thus far. Draw your own conclusions above.