RZA Drops Knowledge on Broken Record Podcast

If you asked us who’s conversation we’d like to be a fly on the wall for, Rick Rubin and RZA would be at the of the list. Rubin delivers a grail of a show with his latest episode of Broken Record Podcast. The duo talk early Wu-Tang, O.D.B, spirituality, and RZA almost leaving the music industry to live with monks in China’s Wudang Mountains.

When I went there, it was real interesting because they had a different type of serenity about them. Wudang Mountain is specifically the birthplace of tai chi…and the monks there, although they’re not celibate…they practice internal before external. It shows in their demeanor. Their smile starts from their belly, and then comes out of their face. It was big, strong smiles, big, strong energy…If I didn’t have a family and children back home, I would have never left.

Listen to the entire hour-long conversation above. The bit about the Wudang Mountain starts at 33:43