Sal Barbier Reissues Classic SLB Decks From 2007

Sal Barbier was ahead of his time when he opened up his shop on Fairfax and Rosewood in the early aughts. What followed is the foundation that streetwear was built on. While Sal’s name isn’t mentioned nearly enough (if at all) on the hype blogs, he is one of the founding fathers of that culture. Given that, this reissue of the original 2007 Sarape Series on updated shapes is most definitely newsworthy. These are available now via Sal’s site for $75.

And, in related news, SLB dropped the below ‘80s-inspired commercial featuring Terrill Jefferson earlier this week. We’re not sure if this is foreshadowing a move back into developing a full-on skate team. But 23 and Aesthetics remain two of our most revered squads from days gone by. So we can only hope.

Image Via SLB