Salman Agah Gets a Long Overdue Pro Model From Powell-Peralta

These days, Salman Agah is more known for his Pizza empire than his skateboarding. But we can’t forget the fact that he’s the godfather of switch stance, and a style icon of his era. Given all of his contributions, it’s fitting that Salman received a pro board from Powell-Peralta, which was his first sponsor. He addresses the personal significance of the release in the below Instagram post.

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Some boyhood dreams take time, a long time! If the California economy didn’t take a dump in the early 90’s it’s safe to say that many of us would’ve turned pro for the companies we were sponsored by at that time. I’m sure Rocco and World Industries would love to take all the credit for the demise of the big companies. Yes! The big guys, Powell Peralta, Vision, Santa Cruz all had their issues, but their biggest enemy was an economic recession not new companies taking their market share. I along with a grip of other young upstarts rode for @powellperalta in the late 80’s. It was my dream to have a pro model some day on #PowellPeralta and to have my name next to all the great skaterboarders that made up the Bones Brigade. That dream became real this past week when @powellperalta released my new pro model. This graphic is inspired by my Irianian heritage, which I’ll talk about more in the near future. It’s also a huge honor and I’m so proud to have this illustration designed by legendary graphic designer & artist, Vernon Courtland Johnson aka VCJ. In my opinion he’s created some of the most iconic images in skateboarding’s short history. I’m very grateful for the release of my new pro board and thankful for the opportunity to have this dream become reality! check out if you’re interested in getting one. And wouldn’t it be so cool to see future pro models that should have come out on Powell Peralta for guys like Jovontae Turner, Guy Mariano, Rudy Johnson, Gabriel Rodriguez & Paulo Diaz. Well, I can still dream. #skateboarding #flightdeckconstruction

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Image Via Takaaki Kaneko