Sammy Montano’s New Globe Part Should Not Go Overlooked

We’ve been having an ongoing conversation about the sheer volume of skate content that is released daily, and how it’s increasingly hard to keep up with it all. That said, we slept on Sammy Montano’s new Globe part when it dropped earlier this week; but it should not go overlooked. SOLO also published a short interview with Montano that talks about how his new colorway came about, and why he cuts off the tops of his shoes.

So you have your colorway for Globe. How did that happen?

I mean basically when I came on Globe, Dion Agius had a shoe I really liked. I just kept skating that shoe everyday. When I got approached about a colorway, I asked if I can get it in that shoe and if they can change the insole. It ended up working out and I got that shoe. It’s one of my favorite shoes to skate. It’s very comfy and looks nice. Very simple.

Will there be a lower version of the shoe or just the high one?

I’ve been cutting these shoes a lot into lows and I’ve been trying to push them to make it low because it fits really nice when its low and its good to have the option to skate a high top or a low top.

So you just take a scissor and cut it off?

Exactly. On the shoe there is a stitching by the ankle. You can cut half an inch about the stitching and it comes out perfect.

Watch the part above, and head over to SOLO to read the rest of the interview.

Image Via Globe