Scott Pfaff Explains How SLS Contests Are Judged

While we tend to view skateboarding as more of a performance art than a sport; we do enjoy watching contests, and keeping track what’s going on in that world. There’s no denying the level of skating that you will see when you tune into an SLS event.

One thing that has always been a mystery is how these contests are judged. Outside of falls or doing an easy trick, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how the scores are awarded. And let’s face it; skateboarding was not designed for a points system.

Scott “Big Cat” Pfaff has been an SLS judge since the start. He explains the factors that he takes into consideration when scoring an event in the below clip, which was potsed on SLS’ Instagram yesterday. You may want to check this out before tuning into the World Championship in Rio next weekend.

Image Via SLS