Sean Cliver to Release New Signed Prints This Saturday

Attention art heads: Sean Cliver’s latest 11-color print will be dropping on Saturday at noon EST via the Strangelove site. “Naturist” is a satire on the age-old advice of imaging people around you in their underwear when public speaking, or naked when walking through Disneyland if you have Cliver’s level of social anxiety. Of course, he explains it much more cleverly:

Prude or Never Nude? If so, this print probably isn’t for you—and that’s okay. Not everything is for everybody. I mean, if it was, don’t you think that would make for a rather boring and bland world? Rhetorically questioning, of course, because it’s not like you can leave a comment in response or anything. But if you’re curious as to the inspiration behind this design, I guess you could say it all goes back to that bullshit line about how if you’re ever nervous about speaking in front of a crowd of people you should just picture them all in their underwear. Me, I get the shakes just going out in public period, so a trip for me to the “Happiest Place on Earth” is more akin to going waterboarding in Guantanamo Bay. How do I survive? Imagineer that everyone around me is parading about in their birthday suits (although, admittedly, I could have gone way more hog wild with the tattoos, what with this supposed to be representative of Orange County and all). 

These limited edition, signed, and numbered prints are a steal at $80.

Image Via Strangelove