Sebo Walker Talks Life on Quarantine in Slam City Interview

The million dollar question on most skater’s minds right now is how will the COVID-19 pandemic ultimately impact our culture. Sebo Walker broaches the subject in a new interview with Mackenzie Eisenhour published by Slam City this morning. He seems to be taking it all in stride. 

What does your daily routine look like in quarantine?

I’ve been trying to watch more documentaries. Picking up some books and reading more. I’ve probably painted as many canvasses as I can fit in my apartment. My wife and I have just been taking this time to hangout, read, play cards, do home workouts—just the basics, it’s been really nice.

I did want to ask—As a pro skater, this is pretty unprecedented as well; have your sponsors spoken to you about keeping you paid even if you cannot skate?

I feel lucky being pro for Krooked and having Deluxe behind them. The community supports the skate company and then the skate company returns the favor. I only have a few sponsors that support me financially and so far that is still solid. I have a couple of parts that are almost finished, but I am putting those on pause right now.

It might be more of an issue in a few months.

Yeah, definitely. I am hoping that people still buy boards and support local skateshops as much as they can right now. The skate community really supports itself to some degree. It’s really cool to see actually, especially in a time like this.

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