Shin Sanbongi Breaks Down How He Got on Polar

Shin Sanbongi should be fully on your radar by now after his appearance in Polar’s latest video. SOLO just released a new interview and video that give a bit more of his history, including how he got a spot on Pontus Alv’s elusive team.

I was just having fun skating all the time, and then Uru [Uruma Masanori] from Kukunochi hooked me up and helped to get me Polar boards. We went on tour in Japan to the countryside. I first visited Malmö for one week with Uru when I was 20 years old to say hi to Pontus, and then he flowed me boards for three or four years. Two years ago, I was in Sweden. We went on a camping trip, I talked to Pontus, and he said that I joined the team. I was surprised to be welcomed to the team. It was during the same time Andrew Wilson got on.

Watch a short profile video on Sanbongi above, and head over to SOLO’s website to read the rest of the interview.