How a Chance Trip Ignited Shin Sanbongi’s Career

Shin Sanbongi is having a breakout year in 2020. His accolades from the past eight months include getting a colorway from adidas and turning pro for Polar. This is highly impressive considering Shin was virtually unknown just a few years ago. While he’s talked about getting on Polar previously; there’s a bit more to the story. He breaks it down in a new interview with VHS Mag.

V: You have all these things you need to clear before getting welcomed to the official team. How was that like?

S: First I went to Malmö with Uru to meet Pontus. I skated with him there but it was more like just paying him a visit. Then I went back to Malmo the next year by myself and they were just about to leave to Paris for a filming trip. I gave them heads up that I was coming to Malmo right before flying out there… so of course I didn’t have my flight to Paris. Then Hjalte had gotten hurt and he couldn’t go to Paris, so they gave me his flight. So there I was in Paris, ten days with the Polar team. That was a random chance so I just had to give my best and prove myself. We spent ten days together and I got to know the team. I realized that this is where I belong.

V: Going to Malmö alone, getting lucky, taking advantage of it and getting a good result. Sounds awesome.

S: The next year, they invited me to a skate camp-ish trip. They welcomed me to the team there.

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Image Via adidas