Zered Bassett Tells the Story of Ditching His Red Bull Hat

Zered Bassett has seen his fair share of ups and down in the industry. Much like a cat, he seems to have nine lives, and always lands on his feet. Skateboard Story’s new interview with him covers all of the details of Dr. Z’s legendary career starting at the end of the Zoo York days right through Alltimers. It also reveals that finally ditching that god awful Red Bull hat felt as good as you would imagine.

Can you tell the “last supper” story?
So for my last year with Redbull, we signed a new contract. Then they hit me two days later, saying they can’t afford to pay me the contract that I just signed and that I need to sign another contract for less money. So I’m like that’s insane, but I’m not going to sue Red Bull. So I just say to them why don’t you guys add another year to the contract to make up for the money I would be losing. And they said cool, they would do it. So it’s supposed to be a two year contract.

Fast forward to the end of the first year, they invite me out for dinner. It’s December. So we’re sitting there and the guy says they can’t pay me after the year ends. So I’m like you guys had me sign a two year contract just to get me to sign and feel good for this last year, knowing the whole time you weren’t actually going to pay me next year. So I basically just got up and threw my hat on the table and said thanks for everything, I’m out. And they we’re like “you don’t want to stay and eat your food?”. Because the food hadn’t come yet. And I was just like “what am I gonna do? Stay around here for the last supper? Nah, peace.” And threw my hat on the table.

It felt so good walking home. I always wear a hat, because I’m bald. But it felt so good walking home, no hat. I was so excited.

It’s such a statement, because the hat is the thing they push so hard.
Yeah, it’s in your contract. They own your head. I would ask them to make me specific ones and I would just skate in them until they were so fucked up you couldn’t even read what was on them.

For more on Zered’s trials and tribulations, read the entire piece.

Image Via Transworld