Here’s the Real Story Behind Blondey McCoy’s Viral Taxi Cab Moment

Unfortunately, Blondey McCoy no longer rides for Palace. Regardless of where he ends up, he’ll likely always be associated with the brand to some degree. This is in part due to the viral opener from his Palasonic [2017] part in which he is hit by a taxi cab in London. Palace videographer Jack Brooks documented that infamous moment, and gives a firsthand account in his new interview with Slam City as a part of its Auteurs series.

Yeah, that made me laugh when I saw people claiming that we’d faked it. I can guarantee that there were no Hollywood movie effects involved in that one – it was 100% real.

Blondey had just got back from New York and wanted to film a small VX part and we’d gone to film this tree wallie, which Blondey wanted to do in a line.

It hadn’t dawned on me at the time that he was doing the line right into one of the busiest roads in Central London. I didn’t really register it was actually happening so when he actually got hit either, so I just filmed it like regular skate trick. I don’t say anything when he gets hit either which, looking back on it, probably makes me look like a psycho. It was only after it had happened and we’d run round the corner in fear of some kind of repercussions from the cab driver that it really dawned on me that he had just cart wheeled off a taxi bonnet. Kid has some kind of superhuman ability. He went to A&E afterwards to get checked out and nothing was wrong fortunately!

Read the rest of the interview here.