How Pierre Descamps Redefines Public Space With Skateable Art

Pierre Descamps is a French artist living in Berlin that plays with the concept of public space through placing unsanctioned skateable art at various locations. His work shows how these seemingly out-of-place objects can completely redefine what these common areas are used for. SOLO’s profile on Descamps for its Skate Urbanism issue is a great introduction to his unique and thought-provoking work.

I used to do these architectural sculptures in my studio all the time for exhibition context. I always tried to place the quality of the objects from the street into the gallery and something didn’t really work. Then at one point I tried to do the opposite, to put those minimal architecture objects into public spaces. I put one concrete sculpture in Wassertorplatz in 2015. It was a revelation. It was more interesting to see this sculpture playing with another context. See how people interact with it, skate on it, children climb on it. People didn’t think about it as a piece of art but as an object that is open for interpretation.

Watch the profile video above, and head over to SOLO to view the article from its most recent issue.

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