Spencer Hamilton Talks Supra & New Part on The Nine Club

Spencer Hamilton sits down for an interview on the latest episode of The Nine Club. He weighs in on a variety of topics including: health, conspiracy theories, and the state of his career post Expedition. Highlights include his views on the role of social media with respects to having a board sponsor, Supra’s progression under K-Swiss’ umbrella, and his upcoming VX part, which is currently in progress. We pulled some pertinent quotes below.

On social media…

Everything’s changed now, which is cool. I feel like that is 100% social media. At one point, if you were on a company, that was the way [that skaters] got out to the world… Now, some people are so good at skateboarding, they don’t have any sponsors. But they get paychecks. Be it Mountain Dew, or some energy drink company, they pay bills [easier] than some pros sometimes. [1:00:41]

On Supra and K-Swiss…

The quality control [is the biggest difference], I guess. The company has been around forever, and make shoes that are of a very high quality. It’s completely evident in the last couple of years of their shoes.  [1:30:50]

On his upcoming Part…

I am working on a little VX part, which is nice. I’m excited. I’m halfway, maybe not even halfway. I think I’m going to do that almost entirely in Vancouver. I’d like to put out a straight Vancouver VX part. Just downtown, no Plaza footage. [I’d like it to come out] within the next year.  [1:31:44]

Watch the entire episode above.

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