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SPoT Announces New Schedule for Damn Am Japan



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Damn Am Japan is rescheduled for September 23-25 at the Murakami City Skatepark. It was initially set for August 5-7 but had to be moved because of COVID restrictions in the country.

Unlike the other legs of the series, Damn Am Japan will have men’s and women’s disciplines.

The top 12 men automatically qualify for Tampa Am Saturday Qualifier and the winner will receive $500 and a straight shot to the Tampa Am Semi-Finals.

The top 6 women automatically qualify for the 2023 SPoT Women’s Open and the winner will receive $500.

Meanwhile, the New York leg of the series will push through as scheduled on September 9-10 at the LES Coleman Oval Skatepark.

Daiki Ikeda won in the first two Damn Am events held in LA and the Netherlands.

The Damn Am is a global amateur skateboarding contest series that serves as the pathway to Tampa Am. Over 10,000 skaters have participated in Damn Am events since its inception in 2001 including most of today’s top pros. 

To qualify for Damn Am, a skater must meet any ONE of the following criteria:

  • Prior participation in Damn Am / Tampa Am events
  • Support and backing of established industry brands
  • Footage showing ability and skill that we think could be potentially enough to place in the top 12

Registration is now open for both the New York and Japan legs of the series.

The Tampa Am will be held on November 10-13 at the Skatepark of Tampa. Those who did not qualify for this event via the Damn Am can still try their luck via the “Last Chance Open” on November 11. Interested participants must register here. They must meet certain criteria set by the organizers to be accepted.

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Primitive Skate Launches New Series entitled REC



The first episode of the latest series by Eric Iwakura and Primitive Skate was just released via Primitive’s channel.

The three-minute video features Brian Peacock, Trent McClung, and Carlos Ribeiro.

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T-Funk Wins SLS 2022 Trick of the Year



Tristan Funkhouser, more popularly known as T-funk is the Street League Skateboarding 2022 Trick of the Year winner.

T-Funk was also one of the finalists for Thrasher’s 2022 Skater of the Year, but the title went to Tyshawn Jones.

Here are the winners of the other side awards given out by SLS and the corresponding sponsors.

  • (A Shoc Energy) People’s Champ Award –Adriel Parmisano
  • (Visible) Line of the Year Award – Carlos Ribeiro
  • (Tiger Beer) Against All Odds Award – Justin Bishop
  • (BB Seguros) Style Matters Award – Jake Wooten
  • (Skater XL) XL Combo Award -Marcelo Profeta

T-Funk got $10,000 for winning the 2022 Trick of the Year while the side award winners took home $1,000 each.

Watch the clip from the Baker Video with Tyson and T Funk that won him the award below.

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Watch the full video part here.

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Dan Mancina Teaches Visually Impaired Kids How to Skate



Dan Mancina taught skateboarding to visually impaired kids in Portland, Oregon in an activity hosted by Adidas Skateboarding and North West Association for Blind Athletes.

Mancina started skateboarding when he was 13 years old. Around that time, he also got diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a rare eye degenerative disease during a routine eye check-up. He completely lost his eyesight when he was 23.

Mancina decided to relearn skateboarding and then started “Keep Pushing”, a non-profit that aims to share the skateboarding tradition with the differently-abled community.

Other members of the Adidas skateboarding team namely Dennis Busenitz, Silas Baxter-Neal, John Perez, and Sam Narvaez also helped teach the kids the fundamentals of skating during the event.

Real Skateboards and Protec provided the gear for the kids.

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