UPDATE: Josh Stewart Is Releasing His ‘Static IV’ Raw Tapes

After slowly but surely releasing various parts from Static IV online over the past five years, Josh Stewart is giving his magnum opus the raw tapes treatment. The first installment focuses on Manhattan, and features: Brendan Carroll, Joel Meinholz, Jahmal Williams, Mark Wetzel, Quim Cardona, Billy Rohan, Kevin Tierney, Aaron Herrington, Dustin Eggeling, and Steve Brandi. Check it out above. We’ll update this post as future episodes are released.

UPDATE 06.11.20: It’s been a few weeks; but Episode 5 dropped today. It features Jahmal Williams, Billy Rohan, Mark Wetzel, Brian Delatore, Joel Meinholz, Daniel (Snowy) Kinloch, Kevin Tierney, Steve Brandi, and some special unseen footage of our guy German Nieves. Check it above.

UPDATE 05.16.20: Episode 4 features Quim Cardona, German Nieves, Jahmal Williams, Pat Stiener, Steve Brandi, Brendan Carroll, Kevin Tierney, Mark Wetzel, Lem Go, Brian Clarke and Chad Muska. Dig in above.

UPDATE 05.09.20: Episode 3 went live this morning. It features Aaron Herrington, Brian Delatore, Ben Gore, Steve Brandi, Kevin Tierney, Rich Adler, Jahmal Williams, and more. Check it out above.

UPDATE 05.01.20: Static IV & V premiered exactly 6 years ago today. Celebrate by watching the second installment of Josh Stewart’s Raw Tapes above.