Supreme Italia’s Founders Are Finally Going to Jail

The final chapter of the Supreme Italia saga played out in a London courtroom on June 25 as reported by Bloomberg earlier this week.

A London court has sentenced a father and son to years in jail for a sprawling copycat of clothing brand Supreme in what the judge called the most brazen counterfeiting operation he had ever seen.

Michele Di Pierro, 53, was ordered to serve eight years and Marcello Di Pierro, 24, got three years after a private prosecution by the New York-based street wear company, which said the two went so far as to act as if they were the true owners of the brand. Michele’s U.K.-based International Brand Firm Ltd. was fined 7.5 million pounds ($10.4 million).

The two “hijacked every facet of the company’s identity and plagiarized it,” Judge Martin Beddoe said Friday in London, after a jury found the pair guilty of two counts of fraud. “Like ticks, they jumped from one company to another and one jurisdiction to another.”

Right on to the real; death to the fakers.

Image Via Highsnobiety