Supreme Turns the New York Post Into a Collector’s Item With 1 Ad

In a very Banksyesque move, Supreme bought a placement on the cover of today’s issue of the New York Post for its latest marketing stunt. The paper instantly became a collectors item. According to the The New York Times, it’s currently going for between $12 and $13 online.

The rush on The Post after a relatively quiet August weekend had nothing to do with the news and everything to do with a wraparound promotion with Supreme the street wear brand whose items have become something more like religious iconography to its many devotees.

The New York Post took advantage of that zeal, and dressed its entire newsstand run in a full wraparound cover with the Supreme logo, the first time it had done so for any brand.

“We knew that this would be a collector’s item,” said Jesse Angelo, the paper’s publisher. “Supreme is such a cool brand and we have so much affinity, to the design kinship of the logos, to being bold, and never shy, and New York-based.”

And while Mr. Angelo said that he did not have early numbers, he said anecdotally that “the papers were flying off the shelves.”

It’s true. By 9:30 a.m., the best place to buy a copy was online. By 10:30 a.m., copies were selling on eBay for $12 and on the resale fashion site Grailed for $10.

Have a look at Supreme’s Instagram post announcing this release below.

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