Our 10 Favorite Supreme Spring / Summer ’21 Accessories

It’s that time again. We didn’t end up copping anything last year, but this year might be a different story altogether. There’s plenty of eye-catching items in Supreme’s Spring / Summer ’21 preview, a few of which fall into the must-have category. Below are our picks for the best of accessories of the season.

1. Nobody really needs to own jet ski. But if we were going to go there, this Supreme x Sea Doo Spark Trixx would be the obvious choice. This will likely pop up in a rap video sooner or later.

2. While there a plethora of options for cheap 35mm cameras out there, this Supreme branded Yashica MF-1 looks cool as hell. Depending on the price tag, we may cop just have this on the shelf for aesthetic purposes.

3. We love the irony of this Supreme x Krytonite bike lock. The lock itself would likely be more sought-after than the bike it is protecting.

4. These KAWS logo decks are going to be worth some serious cash; cop if you can.

5. This Supreme x Prism Zenith kite has tons of potential as a prop for artsy landscape videos around the city. It’s not on the insta-cop list, but would be cool to have.

6. The mini fridge is a man cave staple. Supreme teamed up with SMEG this season to offer a timeless accessory that has endless flex potential.

7. We don’t make beats. But we’re looking forward to the inevitable commercial featuring AraabMuzik putting in work on this Supreme x AKAI MPC.

8. This Supreme x Montana six pack of mini spray cans are an obvious cop for display on well-curated bookshelves worldwide.

9. Whether you’re traveling or have a guest visiting, this self-inflating mattress is equal parts function and fashion.

10. ‘90s kids know the significance of the Wheaties box; this is clearly a collectable.

Images Via Supreme