Danny Garcia Tells His Bill Strobeck Story on The Bunt

One of the highlights of Episode 17 of Mission Statement was Bill Strobeck telling the story of the first time he met Danny Garcia at Love Park; and Danny pulling out his own tape, and asking him to film. During the latest episode of The Bunt, Danny tells the story from the other perspective starting at the 48:28 mark.

Like I told you, I was in that mode. I had a VX. I had my DV tapes. And if you were a filmer, I would hand you that shit, and be like, “Get to work.” I just wasn’t thinking. But yeah, I remember meeting him at Love, and just talking to him. I don’t know how he tells this story. I think He might say that I asked him to [film]. But in my memory, I remember him asking me, “If you want to film, let me know. I’m just sitting here.”

It’s a good story either way you spin it. Listen to the entire episode above.