The Hundreds Finds Out Exactly Why Jamie Thomas Got Into Podcasting

You’re probably familiar with Jamie Thomas’s Thrill of It All podcast by now. Since launching last June, he’s dropped seven episodes with guests including: Chad Muska, Ed Templeton, Keith Hufnagel, Ray Barbee, and more. His latest features Bobby Hundreds. In honor of the occasion, The Hundreds interviewed Jamie and found out exactly why he decided to venture into the world of broadcasting.

I feel like Instagram is a decent method of sharing what you’re into and have been through. But it’s not a place for anything over a few sentences. There’s very few people that want to read that much on Instagram. I really wanted to try and work on some platform that allowed for getting into much more storytelling. There’s a ton of stories out there. And every person’s story is what makes them unique. I felt like there are a few people touching on the podcast world, but I had a slightly different approach, and was just really interested in exploring this new format of storytelling.  I have a lot of relationships and know a lot of people who have stories that I’m fascinated by. And I know a lot of other people would be fascinated by their stories too. There were so many things in alignment that it just encouraged me to want to do it.

Head over to The Hundreds site to read the entire piece. You can view Bobby’s interview below.

Image Via Jamie Thomas